Switcheroo Saturday

Write a drabble where your character has a job, hobby, volunteer work, or relationship like the one you have in real life. 

Note:  This isn’t your character working in a modern/IRL call center or marketing office or whatever.  See the job you have, the relationships you have, and translate them into the WoW-verse for your character.

When is the best time to bump into your members for random scenes and RP? I've had some wonderful experiences with some of your members, but at times I feel like I'm intruding on either an event or something important at the Aldor Rise. Is it alright to ask OOCly in game?

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Ch’yeah! You can always whisper us OOCly to see if it’s a good time. We love RPing with new faces — whether they’re in our guild or not.

I couldn’t really give you a specific set of times that work best. Whispering is your best bet. :) See you in game some time!

Is it possible for people off server/out of the guild is gain a standing without SoA? You guys are the best draenei guild that I know of, but I'm kind of tied to Wyrmrest. =(

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Aww, thanks! <3

Of course!  We love RPing with everyone we can!  Shattrath on MG is currently CRZed with WrA, so if you can come to our HQ and introduce yourself, you’re more than welcome to!

Feel free to jump in on RP here on Tumblr with us, and keep up with our events (we’ll try to be better about posting things that everyone can join!). 

If you have any other questions, feel free to message any of our Archons or members and we’ll be happy to help out!

Wordy Wednesday!

(Because Lena can’t find a way to fit the word ‘vocabulary’ or ‘lexicon’ into a day! And because Lena a word nerd and knows she’s been in a RP-word-choice-slump.  Let’s break that!)

Write a drabble including 3 or more of these words:


(This is being done on a whim, but if people are into it, I’ll generate better lists of words in the future!



The communicators of all Shadows of Argus members pinged quietly this afternoon.  A message appeared, projected on the nearest wall or flat surface for them to read, Lena’s face next to it.

Greetings, brothers and sisters of Shadows of Argus.

You communicators have recently been updated and overhauled to include important locations, documents, and services for your - and our - convenience. 

First, you will find updated, more refined location services.  For us to know where you are when we need you, and for you to more easily find each other.  Your location can be sent to the order at large or to a small group, or to an individual.  Use these functions carefully.  In addition, in most cases, your communicator will be able to produce a map of known planets. 

Second, you will find a system of projections similar to this one with all our current rites, rituals, and other important documents regarding the order, including basic healing spells, funeral rites, and procedures for evacuation should evacuation ever be necessary. 

Third, a holocrystal can be conjured using your communicator.  If you are in need of sending a longer message, or a more personal one, or need to record a message in the unlikely event that you fall during your time with us, feel free to use the holocrystal to record your memories, thoughts, and messages for loved ones and fellow Shadows.  If the event rises that you are stuck down in service to the Shadows, your communicator will be left in the care of the Archons, and holocrystals will be delivered to their intended recipients. 

Fourth, hearthstones can be conjured with the communicator.  These hearthstones are different than the ones that many of you carry on your person.  They are set to various safe houses that the order controls and frequently magically secures.  Use these hearthstones with caution, for they will only be conjurable upon a signal from Archon or Shield communicators indicating that we are under attack and must evacuate to safer locales. 

Fifth, enhanced communication abilities.  Your communicator will allow you to broadcast to the entire order, to a specific rank (such as Archons, Shields, Valiants, etc.), to a non-rank specific group, or to an individual.  Again, use these features with caution and discretion. 

Sixth, your communicator has been updated to imprint your person.  Once you are finished reading this message, you will need to press your thumb or finger to the light from which this projection emanates, so that the communicator will learn your fingerprints as well as the basic makeup of your individual molecular makeup.  In the case that your communicator falls into the wrong hands, it will appear as a malfunctioning or broken comm unit, unusable by anyone other than yourself.
If you have questions about the functionality of your communicator, please see me or the other Archons.

Light be with you,


*peels eyeballs from inside glasses*


I’m working diligently on figuring out a new forum system for us, Shadows. 

I have all the pieces, I think; I just need the time and brain to put them all together without the auto shop calling every ten minutes to tell me they need something else for the Fuckus. 

I’ll probably go to the library tomorrow after work and hack on some things. 

If I have a car, that is. 

Meanwhile, http://shadowsofargus.enjin.com is back up, and I urge you to go find and save your important posts. 

Attention, SoA Members!

We’re going to be doing some construction on our forums in the upcoming weeks.  If all goes well, we’ll be moving them to a completely different platform.

If you have important things on the forums, we advise you to log in in the next few days and copy and paste it and save it somewhere safe.  Meanwhile, if you need to get in touch, Tumblr seems to be the place to be, so keep doing what you’re doing!

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project and let you know when the Enjin forums are going to be reverted to the free plan (which will cut out most modules and put ads on the site). 

Thanks, everyone!

- glyllena

TMI Tuesday!






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