Hell Hath A Fury


"I appreciate you agreeing to see me on such short notice, gentlemen." Maeorra stood in one of the Exodar’s towering halls. Before her, clad in shiny crystalforged armor, sat the three members of the Triumvirate of the Hand: vindicators Boros, Kuros, and Aesom.

"The missive sounded rather urgent, Watcher," Boros rumbled, his voice gravelly.

"It was. As I said in my writing, several of my people have come under attack by Suraja. In one of their homes, no less. They were minding their own affairs when she set upon them, and she hurt them. One of them, quite badly. I’ve come to ask for your assistance in this matter, because I am well aware that Suraja has a great deal of influence. But she is clearly unstable and power-mad. She raved over our communicators even while she pressed her onslaught against her victims that we, the leadership of the Shadows, ‘do not get to tell me what to do.’ That’s how she worded it. And we can no longer ignore the threat she poses, because it is now direct, and manifest. We demand an investigation into this matter, and we demand that she be stripped of her position and made to answer for her crimes."

Aesom furrowed his brow. “You are correct; Suraja does have a great deal of influence as Grand Deathspeaker of the priory, and also has many powerful friends. If we are to proceed with an inquest, there must be no doubt as to the veracity of your claims, Maeorra. And there must be no doubt as to the justness of your cause. We will investigate the matter, and open our own lines of inquery, but you must understand that such a delicate matter will take time. It will not be simple or quick to reach a resolution here.”

"Time?!" She snapped, narrowing her eyes and pointing an accusing finger in the general direction of the exit. "She gloats while one of my people lies in the infirmary. I refuse to allow her to threaten us in this way, and I -will- protect those who have sworn their oaths to us. I am here out of respect for her position, and yours, brothers, but I told Suraja quite clearly that I would kill her myself if she crossed us again. And I will keep my word, if there’s no other recourse. She will answer for this, one way or another."

The three nearly lept from their chairs in unison, but it was Kuros who reacted most quickly, slamming a fist down onto the table before him. “Listen to yourself, Maeorra, and think very carefully about how it sounds! We understand that you are angry, but we cannot sanction or tolerate a vendetta. That is not justice, and it will solve nothing. Let us investigate, and the truth will out. If Suraja has done undeniable wrong, she will answer for it.  But you must give us your cooperation, and you must allow us the time to proceed.”

Boros added, much more calmly, “You would do well, also, to consider that if you don’t, and you take this into your own hands, you will surely be branded a renegade, and we will be unable to protect you, or your people, from the outrage and reprisals that will surely follow. Remember that.”

Maeorra glowered at them, gritting her teeth, and then opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Instead, she heaved a sigh and her expression softened. She dipped her head in acknowledgement.

"So be it."

(( Guild plot alert! ))

Shadows of Argus Site Write Challenge: The Tumblr Villain Edition


I have received clearance from appropriate channels to begin the Shadows of Argus sponsored Site Write Challenge on October 10th!

This challenge will be held on Tumblr and your only competition (until the finale) is your own procrastination! There will be gold prizes if the opportunity to develop your character and writing skills wasn’t enough incentive. I will be personally bankrolling the prizes - not the guild; they are kind enough to lend their name as sponsor.

The challenge is open to ALL Tumblr folks - not just Shadows of Argus members, though I can only promise prizes on Moon Guard-US. Alliance side is easier, but we can discuss transfers if you’re really adamant about getting your prize Horde side.

Rules will be posted closer to the beginning of the challenge, but get those keyboards blown out and those fingers warmed up: October 10th, we write in hell!

Wait, that’s not good enough…

October 10th - prepare your fingers, hold onto your hooves, bring your chairs but you’ll only need the edge: It’s time for the Halloween edition of the Shadows of Argus Site Write Challenge!

If I were to join the Shadows, would they have a good health plan to cover say, excessive laps around the seat of A'dal? - Anonymous Vindicator T.

Asker's Portrait Asked by Anonymous


Well hello there, Vindicator T… or should I say Mr. T.

In the case of excessive lap running, members are given a bottle of rum on their bedside table in the infirmary in exchange for running an additional 5 laps. Our in-house healing team is — well, too busy to attend to leg cramps.

That’s what the rum is for.

However, receiving an order to run 30 laps around the seat of A’dal is an easy thing to avoid — simple refrain from flirting with the Archons.



Change of Time for What Lies Beneath event tonight

The time will be at 7:30 server, not 7:30. (I get out of work at 7 server, I didn’t calculate for that).  Event will start at 7:30 server, with the main act getting underway at 7:45 server.

Draenei Fortune-Telling!


It’s still going on, friends!  This Friday and Saturday on Moon Guard!

Come to the World’s End Tavern and have your fortune told!  All goats and non goats are welcome!

Friday and Saturday September 26th and 27th at 8 PM server time! (9 PM EST, 6 PM PST).

CRZ friendly!  Come and RP!

We are having a thing! Come and join us!

Switcheroo Saturday

Write a drabble where your character has a job, hobby, volunteer work, or relationship like the one you have in real life. 

Note:  This isn’t your character working in a modern/IRL call center or marketing office or whatever.  See the job you have, the relationships you have, and translate them into the WoW-verse for your character.